We have beginner sessions starting at 10am on Sunday mornings, and these have been busy.
Those interested in starting beginner coaching should email the club on and will be advised when they can attend.
Adults bringing juniors should bring a completed trial form and fee, and wait to speak to a coach in case the weather or other factors force cancellation that day.
Age and size limitations will apply.
Membership forms etc. These can be printed for signature and return.
Membership form for season 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019. This form details lower rates which remain in place until 30 November 2018.
Trial membership form for new members wishing to try sculling. (Get 2 sessions with a coach £15, then 4 more sessions £30).
Notes for new members are here for your reference. PLEASE READ.
Indemnity / Key form for members wishing to get a key to the boathouse.
Fine boat application form for members seeking special permission to use fine boats.
Form for use of LSC boats at events, Please submit at time of making entries, or earlier!
Any of these can be returned to